Inside credit union marketing: 5 video ideas

What kind of messenger do you want to be?

Last month we talked about Why You Can’t Be Afraid of the Camera Anymore, as video is becoming more of a necessity in today’s marketing campaigns. It’s time more of us in the credit union industry used video to deliver our messages. The advent and ease of video technology, a younger generation that has literally grown up in front of the camera (Can you say selfie?), and the incredible “shareability” and retention of video make incorporating this medium a no brainer for your credit union’s messaging.

So what do I do in front of the camera, you ask?

Good question. It depends on what kind of messenger you want to be – and I have five ideas for you. They all have something in common: They build trust among your viewers. That trust, subsequently, leads to sales because of the personal connection video fosters.

1. Be a Reporter

Like I said in last month’s column: With cameras shoe-horned into our phones now, we are all reporters. So report what’s going on at your credit union and/or within the financial industry in a kind of video newsletter format, or dedicate a section of your website where these video reports will reside (preferably your homepage). You can obviously talk about your products and services, new technology, and trendy finance issues. Or comment on global headlines that relate to finance and ultimately your members, cool things your credit union and/or your staff are doing, community events, etc.

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