Inside credit union marketing: Why you can’t be afraid of the camera anymore

5 tips to get started with a video program

We all know a camera stuffed into a mobile phone changed everything. Now we are all reporters clad with megapixel lenses in our pockets, showing everything from funny baby pictures, tasty meals, and crazy cat videos, to live product demos, behind-the-scenes tours, and, yes, our selfies. It’s this instant gratification of the photos or videos from our smartphone or tablet that allows our story to be told now – not waiting for next week’s issue, the 5 o’clock news, or that Feb. 21-23 conference. They’re told right now.

In addition, new real-time video apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Blab – not to mention the stalwarts Skype and Hangouts, are progressive channels to deliver your message and receive instant, immediate feedback from your audience. What’s happening today with the camera is unprecedented – which means getting in front of the camera has never been more vital to the enhanced exposure of your organization.


Nothing brings out the true personality of you and your company like being on video. Again, these new online apps make it easier than ever to deliver your message and receive vital feedback from your audience. All you have to do is douse your fear of the camera and embrace the lens as one of your prime communication channels.

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