Inside Marketing: 5 parts to your credit union’s story

A genuine, authentic message is powerful.

by: Mike Lawson

If you’ve read any marketing-type newsletters or blogs over the last couple years, chances are you digested quite a bit of “content marketing” fodder. It’s the new marketing, many have said. Maybe, maybe not – but it can be quite effective, indeed.

Telling your credit union’s story is genuine, authentic and can be very powerful. Your members enjoy helpful, peer-type stories that directly relate to them and their circumstances. This is where knowing your audience comes in handy. But when it comes to finances, money issues are virtually universal, as many of us need all the help we can get – me included! And I love my credit union for being there as a financial resource.

OK, now that we know how important storytelling for your CU is, you want to tell your CU’s tale to the masses for them to engage, relate, and act. But what most of those marketing newsletters and blogs aren’t telling you are the five essential parts to your organization’s story that help you connect with your audience.

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