Inside Marketing: 8 tips for social media success

How KALSEE Credit Union's one-person marketing department manages six social media accounts.

Running a one-person marketing department, Carrie Susemihl, marketing manager at $165-million KALSEE Credit Union, Kalamazoo, Mich., provides tips on making the most of social media with limited resources.

1.  What have you learned from the social experts?

That social media is a 24/7 service channel. People expect immediate responses at all hours of the day (and night). That can be difficult for any credit union with a 9-5 staffing model to accommodate, especially when it comes to account issues and questions that the marketing person sitting on their couch on their smartphone at 10 p.m. on a Saturday can’t answer. Having to tell someone who’s stuck without a working debit card that we’ll help you Monday morning doesn’t cut it anymore. A credit union needs to find a way to answer these questions for members during non-working hours.

2.  How do you measure social media success?

Success is more than follows or page likes; it measures engagement and interaction, and whenever possible, actual business results. Measuring business results from social media (and most any online channel) is challenging for credit unions that don’t open accounts online or where loan apps or online banking exist on vendor-hosted Web domains. Tracking the conversion funnel is almost impossible with those kinds of breaks in it.

At KALSEE CU, we use a spreadsheet to track follows and likes, but more importantly, shares and comments. It’s this listening component of social that can be tremendously beneficial.


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