Inside Marketing: Basics for rebranding

Questions to ask when it’s time for your credit union to consider a change.

by: Jennifer Forget and Lisa Liebman

As credit union brands seek to reposition themselves to deepen relationships with existing members and attract new ones, there are many things to consider, most importantly whether or not rebranding is in order. Rebranding isn’t as simple as changing a logo and tagline. It’s a deeper consideration of how the brand behaves and relates to its audiences both internal and external.

In a recent rebranding initiative for one of our New York-based credit union clients, there were several things that we considered before changing an identity that had over 20 years of equity in the marketplace. Here are some of the questions we asked ourselves, which you might find useful if exploring rebranding your credit union:

What Questions Should You Ask Before You Begin?

What’s the objective? Are you changing your offering? Are you simply trying to modernize? Are you changing to reflect a shift in ownership?

For our client, the goal was to create a more modern and sophisticated identity, one that worked with both retail and business members and prospects.

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