Inside Marketing: Connecting with members online

Mastering the rules of content marketing, SEO and PPC advertising can help credit unions reach a moving target.

In 2019, credit unions face the same fundamental question that nearly every other business does: Members are out there, but how do you reach them?

Gone are the simpler days when marketing meant leasing a couple billboards next to the freeway and taking out ads in the local newspaper. Today, reaching potential members means connecting with them online.

Online marketing can seem puzzling, a vaguely anarchic field of viral (i.e., accidental) successes, where the principles of traditional brick-and-mortar marketing fall flat or even repel. But if you master its rules, you can flourish.

How Do You Reach Potential Customers Online?

At Clever, we’ve had great success using a combination of content marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Let’s tackle content marketing first.


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