Inside Marketing: How SEO can benefit your credit union

Search engine optimization works side-by-side with other digital marketing tools to boost traffic, trust and thought leadership.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is key in setting your credit union apart from competing financial institutions. SEO is the theory or practice of making sure your web content appears high on the results pages of all the major search engines, making it easier for potential prospects to find you.

How SEO Works

To start your optimization efforts , you must first determine a list of keywords you think best describes your credit union. By identifying as many product, service and problem-related keywords and phrases and ensuring they’re included in your content, you will give potential members a greater chance of finding your website. An important aspect of creating keywords and phrases for your SEO is making sure that you are seeing it through the eyes of the consumer. If you tailor your website to best answer your members’ questions you will see a growth in visitors to your website. For example, problem keywords include question searches such as “How do I open a checking account?” Product keywords include searches such as “credit union checking account” or “checking account near me.”

Multiple factors go into making sure your website is optimized for search. Your credit union team should ensure that your website performs well and is user friendly on both desktop and mobile, post content containing priority keywords regularly and amplify your content by sharing on social media and through other referral websites. These components all affect the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and give you a higher ranking in Google search results based on its algorithm changes over recent years.


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