Inside Marketing: Micro Video

About the new video app for Twitter

By Mike Lawson

Recently, Twitter released a new video app called Vine, which allows users to attach a six-second video to a tweet. (Learn about Vine and see examples here.)

Being able to add video to your tweets is cool and, with the right approach, can be used to bring your credit union stories to life. But go lightly. Members don’t want to be stuck watching video after video. Be selective in this sense. You don’t want video fatigue.

Adding video to Twitter via Vine won’t be as simple as repurposing YouTube videos, unless your current YouTube videos are extremely brief. It will require a lot of focus. When Twitter was new, many asked “what can you say in 140 characters that has value?” A lot, as it turns out! But tweeting requires a different skill and focus than blogging does. So it will be for these micro videos. What small moments can you capture in just a few seconds?

Following are a few beneficial uses of Vine – or other video apps like Tout (15-second videos) – to tell your credit union story. With creativity, careful thought and creative editing, I think each could be told in a mini movie:

  • new branch opening (quick tour of services);
  • member winning a prize at your credit union;
  • credit union winning an award;
  • credit union employees participating in a community or philanthropic event;
  • member moving into new home because of your credit union’s mortgage loan;
  • member driving new car because of an auto loan received from your credit union;
  • quick member video testimonials;
  • short product or service announcement (example: “We now offer mobile remote deposit, here’s how it works…”);
  • teaser promo for upcoming educational webinars or credit union events (here’s where you can promote your “Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Home” webinar);
  • brief feature on a SEG;
  • explanation of your FOM;
  • quick CEO message;
  • credit union sponsored event; and
  • staff or member personal adventure footage.
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