Inside Marketing: Tap into your blogging potential

Leverage this channel to share advice with your members and establish your reputation as a thought leader.

People care what you have to say. Yes you.

You have to realize that you are an expert in your industry. You have knowledge about your field that people want to hear. Share it. Social media is indeed the quickest way to reach your audience, but unfortunately, short attention spans and character limits ensure that social media posts can only be so useful.

Have you considered a company blog?

According to Web Designer Depot, the first blog ever published was by college student Justin Hall in 1994. Talk about a generic URL. Blogging hit a peak in the early 2000s as a medium through which all age groups could have a voice—mainly with regards to the current news.

Since then, blogging has matured and become so much more. There are special interest group blogs, photo blogs, recipe blogs, DIY blogs—you name it. And today, blogs are often integrated into company websites.


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