Inside Credit Union Marketing: What’s your ‘cool factor’ worth?

Being 'with it' on technology—and philanthropy—will make members love and talk about you.

We are living in financial technology times that are like no other. It’s exciting, suspenseful and, at times, stressful. How do we keep up with what’s next? We have to ask ourselves: Is it compliant? Is this something we really need — if so, why? It’s head-spinning stuff that makes our lives anything but dull.

As most of us may remember, financial services were pretty mundane back in the day. It was something we had to do — writing checks, making deposits to savings, paying off loans, transferring between accounts, and opening CDs. But today there are so many headline-grabbing stories of payments technology advancements, biometrics security solutions, and mobile everything, which all directly impact our industry.

It wasn’t until I saw the logo of $73 billion Navy Federal Credit Union, Vienna, Va., logo onscreen behind Apple CEO Tim Cook when he announced the first few financial institutions that would be using Apple Pay that the “cool factor” really kicked in for me. I got started in the financial services industry just as Internet home banking was on the proverbial launch pad. But that seemed more like science fiction at the time — with a ton of questions: What, I’m going to manage my money on a website? Are you sure that’s gonna fly?” The Navy FCU logo onstage at Apple’s event, however, was so legit, so cool.

I just went to the pet store to buy some dog food for our two furry family members and there on the payment terminal was “Apple Pay Accepted Here” message. So I used my Apple Pay-enabled credit union card via my iPhone to make the purchase. That’s cool — the fact that my credit union (San Diego County Credit Union shout out!) offers Apple Pay makes me love it that much more.

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