Insiders guide to credit union managed security

In our recent post, “5 Steps To Build Your Credit Union Cloud” we outlined a very deliberate and strategic path to move your credit union to the cloud. We explained how managed services are giving credit unions a new competitive advantage over those struggling to meet the increasing demands of operating complex IT infrastructures. The 5 steps were:

• Move to Managed Telecom
• Move to Managed Security (integrated locally and offsite)
• Move to Managed Disaster Recovery (offsite)
• Move to Hosted Servers
• Move to Service Bureau (core)

In today’s post we will take a close look at the options involved in moving to a “managed security” environment. And just as we shared in our managed telecom guide, you will want to gather as much information as you can regarding your contracts, expiration dates, terms and services so you will have a baseline from which to start your service/costs comparisons.

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