Insights into combating the rising tide of card-not-present fraud

It is no surprise that with consumers using digital payments more than ever before, card-not-present (CNP) fraud losses are starting to add up for merchants. Combined with the wide application of 3D Secure (3Ds) 2.0 for improving security of digital transactions, it is becoming a growing liability concern for credit unions. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated online spending to new levels, the U.S. EMV migration has shifted fraudsters’ focus online.

While CNP fraud often flies under the radar, here are some of our latest insights to help your credit union improve loss recoveries and the cardholder experience due to this increasing cyber threat.

Trends Driving Increased CNP Fraud

Industry and consumer trends often drive trends in theft. Here are some of the recent trends that are moving fraudsters’ attention to CNP targets.

  • Worldwide e-commerce sales are on the rise and projected to hit new highs as we continue into the mid-2020s. More consumers are shopping online, and as a result, it will become even harder to detect fraudulent activity on the web.


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