How to be the inspirational leader you aspire to become

Criticism and complaint seldom inspire people to take on new challenges.

4 essentials for inspirational leadership:


You must believe in people in order to inspire them.

Everyone who has achieved anything owes a debt to someone who believed in them. Perhaps it’s a coach, teacher, or parent. For Jack Welch, it was his motherand a leader who gave him a second chance after he blew up a factory.

One of the most neglected leadership questions is, “Who do you believe in?”


You must accept people for who they are if you expect them to take on new challenges. The people who inspired you made you feel remarkable. People aren’t motivated when you let them know they aren’t good enough.

Accept people where they are before challenging them to go where they haven’t been.

Don’t complain about progress and expect to ignite energy. Don’t nag about weaknesses and expect people to feel strong.

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