Insuring millennial moms and dads

Why life insurance should matter to young parents

When you’re young and healthy, the last thing on your mind is life insurance. You’re enjoying those everyday moments — making plans on how to spend your time, not what to do if it’s cut short unexpectedly.

The fact is, life insurance matters, no matter where you are in life. Millennials, who are between the age of 24 and 40, are at a time in their lives when they need life insurance. The majority of millennials are married, have dependent children, own homes, and have more than $100,000 in household income. Yet more than half (55%) of millennials have no life insurance coverage at all, putting their loved ones at risk of financial hardship should they die unexpectedly.1

Without sufficient life insurance coverage, your family, your most important asset, may suffer from financial hardship should you pass away. Dealing with grief at any stage of your life is hard, but dealing with financial stress on top of grief can make it that much harder. Proper coverage can help alleviate the financial stress.

Why life insurance is important for young parents

Caring for children’s basic needs — like food, clothing, and shelter — gets more expensive with each passing year. Add to that the costs of daycare and schooling.


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