Is Multi Tasking Marketing Effective?

By. Mark Arnold

As marketers we pride ourselves on how much we are doing.  Ask any marketing executive, manager or coordinator how life is going and the invariable answer is, “Busy; there are so many projects we are doing.” Yes, most marketers are overachievers—and proud of it.

Any good marketer tends to be a multi-tasking expert. And while anyone working in the marketing field must juggle many balls at once, we must be careful not have too many balls in the air at the same time.

John Jantsch, author of The Commitment Engine, says, “The ability, some might say the attempt, to multitask is a curse of sorts. While working on ten things at once may seem efficient, each of those things gets roughly 10 percent of our greatness while we’re doing it.”

This rush to multi tasking is not just a personality or project management thing either. It also affects the way we market our financial institutions. If we’re not careful we can also fall into the trap of “multi-tasking marketing.”

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