Is software sprawl holding your credit union back?

Is one of your credit union’s 2016 goals to stop software sprawl? Or perhaps it is a personal goal for 2016 to find out what software sprawl is.  Either way, it may be worth adding it to the list for this year after you read this information.

Software sprawl affects every organization. So what exactly is it? We’ll turn to a recent article for a good description:

Software sprawl is defined as a dilemma an organization faces when it manages too many software applications. Especially when the organization has an ever-growing list of requests for new solutions coming in, keeping it from properly controlling upgrades or maintenance. Sometimes these organizations have so many solutions, they aren’t even sure which ones are needed and which have, or should, become obsolete.

Stopping the Madness Before it Gets Worse

The rate of technology adoption and emerging technologies continue to grow exponentially every year. And as every organization knows too well, there is an expanding list of new technologies your employees want and need to do their jobs more effectively and stay competitive. So what’s the best way to implement technology to meet the business’ needs and keep your IT department sane and happy?

Instead of taking the approach of looking into new solutions to solve your business needs, look to see if one of your current applications is flexible enough to create new solutions that fill that void. The best solutions are flexible and agile, and easily integrate your line of business systems to do more with less by connecting the right people to the right information.

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