Is the NCUA constitutional?

The inspiration for today’s sensationalistic headline comes from this article in the CU Times, which is reporting that Donald Trump has selected Neomi Rao to head  the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, within the Office of Management and Budget. Don’t get me wrong, the NCUA isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but as Jonathon Adler commented in the Washington Post this may be the most important position you have not heard of. In this role she will be able to put thumbs up or thumbs down on every regulation which must be approved by the White House.

Rao’s nomination warms the heart of conservative legal geeks, such as myself. She is the founding director of George Mason’s Center for the Study of The Administrative State and she has not been afraid to argue that independent agencies are unconstitutional regardless of how they are structured. If she is right this means that even the NCUA is unconstitutional.

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