Is your financial institution ready for these tough consumer questions?

Behind the marketing slogans and the slick apps, banking remains a pretty complex business for most consumers. It prompts many questions, which sends people looking online for answers. Often what they find are 'help' articles that encourage them to assail financial institutions with questions. See how you stack up to some of these zingers.

People used to lean on one another or maybe a dictionary for anything they didn’t know. Now, of course, it’s all Google all the time. “What to watch”, “What is my IP” and “How many ounces in a cup” (the top three search topics in 2021, according to Statista).

It’s the same with consumers’ most pressing financial questions. Liberty Bank ran a survey and discovered what were the most Googled financial topics by state. Large portions of the West Coast were worried about foreclosures while people in Kansas and Virginia asked about lines of credit. New Yorkers are thinking about savings and people in New Jersey about debt consolidation, and so on.

When people are Googling their question, they invariably run into articles with headlines like this: “10 Questions to Ask When Opening a Bank Account”, “7 Questions Your Bank Definitely Doesn’t Want You to Ask” and others along those lines from an array of news or consumer advocacy and self-help sites.


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