Is your sales process earning you a face punch?

Is your sales approach earning you a throat punch? Here’s an idea. Don’t “pitch slap” people!

On this week’s episode of Banking On Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert sits down with Amy Downs – CEO of Allegiance Credit Union, author and frequent speaker – to discuss the dos’ and don’ts of sales pitches.

Common Sales Missteps.

  • The story behind her CUInsight article, Can I throat punch you?”, which offers up some refreshingly blunt and relevant counsel to sales reps. (Trust us. If you haven’t read the article yet – you most definitely should!)
  • How sales pitches have evolved during the pandemic and the direction they should be heading. According to Amy, the amount of irritating and ultimately ineffective approaches has increased dramatically these past months. A suggestion? Don’t get so hung up on hitting your numbers – don’t forget there’s a human being on the other end.


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