Is Your Youth Account Totally Lame?

I recently watched a hilarious short film featured on an episode of the 80s and 90s cult classic TV program Mystery Science Theater 3000. The 50s’s educational film, “Money Talks,” features a creepy silhouette version of Benjamin Franklin regaling an awkward teen about his poor spending and savings habits.

Without the constant riffing from the MST3K crew, this short film would be practically unwatchable. I suspect that even by 1950s standards kids found it dull, boring and inapplicable to their lives.

This led me to think about the current state of credit unions and banks children’s accounts. There are both good and not-so-good out there. The key question is: “Are we engaging our young members in such a way as to establish a lifelong primary financial institution relationship?” Or, are we boring them to tears and virtually ensuring they’ll be out the door as soon as they control their own finances?

Here are a few helpful hints to make your youth account a more interesting and relevant experience for kids and teens.

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