James: Technology both a valuable tool and ‘incredible distraction’

The omnipresence of social media makes it harder than ever for CU professionals to use their time effectively

Many years ago, the average adult attention span was seven minutes. Today it’s nine seconds

Productivity expert, leadership mentor, and motivational speaker Neen James cites this startling fact as an example of how new technology has changed how we learn, think, and work.

James, who’ll address CUNA Experience Learning Live! in Las Vegas Oct. 25-28, doesn’t discount the many ways new technologies benefit our society.

She cautions, however, that technology can also dramatically affect productivity for leaders, trainers—and the entire credit union.

James says the ability of technology—social media in particular—to divert our attention is the biggest threat to achieving productivity. She says we all need to pay closer attention to each other and our members.

“It used to be that people would go to the credit union, do their work, and go home—almost like an on-off switch,” James explains. “Now, people are connected 24/7, and while social media is a fabulous tool, it’s also a big distraction.”

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