Account Executive at On The Mark Strategies


Any account executive can say they help people and meet deadlines for a living. But not every account executive can say they work with a team of superheroes to help local financial institutions fight against the top 10 big banks in the country (these big banks currently own 77% of all U.S. banking assets by the way).

If you come work at On The Mark Strategies, that’s what you’ll do.

What are we looking for? 

We’re looking for someone who knows credit unions like the back of their hand.

We’re looking for someone who dreams up marketing strategies in the shower, on the way to soccer practice or at 2 a.m. when the dog wants out.

We’re looking for someone whose best friends are deadlines and organized spreadsheets. 

We’re looking for someone who cares, understanding that the people we serve are overworked and underappreciated, and it’s our job to make theirs easier.

We’re looking for someone who knows their stuff but is humble enough to own it when they don’t know everything or make a mistake.

We’re looking for a lifelong learner who is hungry to keep growing professionally and personally.

Extra bonus if this person knows how to laugh and make others laugh.

Sound like you? Keep reading for the specifics.

Job Requirements:

  • Credit union marketing experience (marketing coordinator, marketing director, marketing VP…bottom line: if you’ve worked in marketing at a credit union, we’d love to have you)
  • Clear understanding of effective marketing for the purposes of accomplishing a credit union’s overall strategic goals
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Must be able to confidently: 
    • Provide strategic guidance to credit union marketing teams on their current and future marketing efforts
    • Interact with and manage multiple clients at a time 
    • Guide a marketing campaign from ideation to completion while working with multiple teammates (copywriter, graphic designer, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • One year of relevant experience and demonstrated success

Culture Requirements:

Like we said, we’re not just any marketing consultancy. Here’s how we roll at On The Mark Strategies.

  • We dig teammates who can work autonomously and remotely because we’re a completely remote team. That’s right, we were working remotely together before it was cool.  
  • We love people who can work well with others on a small team. There’s no massive, corporate bureaucracy here. So, if one of us is crazy, it affects everyone. Don’t be that one. 
  • We value people who can work quickly, for at least two reasons. One, the world of marketing is fast paced. Two, our team relies on each other to get results. You know, like great teams do. 
  • We love people who love to learn, because here at On The Mark Strategies you’re not only constantly learning, you’re constantly teaching too. We teach clients new ideas, and we teach each other the things we learn (even lessons learned from mistakes).
  • We’re a marketing consultancy, but you could often call us an entertainment company too. We make clients laugh and have a blast with each other along the way.
  • We’re not here to sit back and hope for the best. We’re constantly engaged with the work, our clients and each other. We get clients involved in their projects, and we’re always high-fiving each other with positive encouragement. 

Ready to join our team? To apply, please send the following to 

  • Resumé
  • Cover letter
  • Sample work reflective of the job requirements listed above
  • Contact information for three references

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