Just in time for football season: Does your credit union have a marketing quarterback?

Crunching leaves, pumpkin spice and football on a crisp day. Fall is here! It also is time to start your marketing game plan for 2019.

Competition from other CUs, banks and disruptors are making it tough to gain 10 yards, let alone score a touchdown. How can you focus to stay on top of your game? Let’s get down to the key elements that will maximize your growth potential.

  1. Get a quarterback. It is not uncommon that the CU’s Marketing team is busy and working in

silos. The quarterback ensures that the data insights, campaigns, product promotion, media and community programs are in sync and contemplated holistically. A good quarterback is the offensive leader who calls the right marketing plays. 2. Know the game stats. What does the data look like? What are the gaps or anomalies? Spend

time with the tech team to ensure the data you need is delivered and usable. Understand what is going on within your member base by drawing meaningful insights from the key performance indicators. 3. View the game from the stands. We all get focused on deadlines or other emergent priorities.

Periodically, step back and be a consumer. What other products or experiences are your members engaged with every day? How are the disruptors positioned? What are the expectations consumers have in the rapidly-changing digital world? 4. Don’t be afraid to fumble. Calculated risk will help your CU stand out while discovering new strategies and campaigns to drive growth and engagement. Use test and learn tactics to maximize ROI and mitigate risk. 5. Always remember the fans. Your members will be loyal if they feel you appreciate them. Go beyond the community outreach, reduce friction on the front lines, and be sure to clearly communicate it in your marketing and branding efforts.

Be a champion in 2019! Learn more about planning at FINspiration’s Oct 3, 2018 conference.

Helen Lawler

Helen Lawler

Helen Lawler, president of FINspiration, has more than 20 years of leadership in marketing financial services. FINspiration is a strategic Marketing firm focused on financial services and specializing in the ... Web: www.finspirationnow.com Details

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