Keeping your website compliant

Your website is front and center when it comes to your credit union’s communication with prospective and current members. That prominence and visibility make it critical that everything on your site is accurate and compliant.

Two credit unions had compliance top-of-mind when they requested that PolicyWorks perform Website Compliance Reviews on their new websites. They wanted to make sure that updated content and improved online experience for members continued to follow compliance guidelines.

The two institutions were Deere Employees Credit Union in Illinois and Penn East Federal Credit Union in Pennsylvania.

For Deere Employees, with 41,000 members and $1.1 billion in assets, the Website Compliance Reviews were another step in a continuing relationship with us. That relationship has grown as the credit union has seen the need for a broad and inclusive approach to compliance. We performed our first review with them last year, then repeated the process for their new website.


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