‘Kill a stupid rule’ to begin path toward innovation

Risk-taking is central to innovation, says futurist and change expert Lisa Bodell

Look critically at your organization, identify the weaknesses, and “kill a stupid rule.”

Those are steps futurist Lisa Bodell believes organizations must take to remain relevant and competitive, and to survive in an ever-changing environment.

“If you start small in your own team, you can kill a stupid rule and make more space for change and innovation,” says Bodell, founder/CEO of the innovation research and training firm futurethink.

A renowned innovation expert and futurist, Bodell has helped hundreds of leaders use simple tools and techniques to ignite innovation and incorporate forward thinking into their strategic planning and work culture. Bodell will address the 2016 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, Feb. 21-25 in Washington.

Based on her best-selling book “Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution,” Bodell’s presentation will address how complacency and a relentless pursuit of efficiency prevent organizations from finding and employing innovative solutions that achieve results.

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