Latest credit union executive compensation numbers


Every year about this time Executive Compensation Solutions delivers its Employee and Executive Compensation and Benefits for the Credit Union Movement or The Survey. This year marks the company’s 9th survey displaying such data as credit union CEOs’ base pay increased an average of 6.62 this past year, credit union CEO vs. bank CEO salaries, highest CUSO position base salary & variable pay, and much more. This more than 200-page document is loaded with this type of information — and best of all, it’s free. To find out more, we invited ECS Director of Operations Adam Zelinsky back on the show. As usual Adam breaks down the numbers and provides an excellent analysis of their discoveries. In addition, for every credit union that participated in this year’s Survey, ECS donated $10 to Credit Unions for Kids. As a result of participating credit unions, ECS donated nearly $3,000 to the charity organization. It’s compelling news all around when it comes to this document, so take a few minutes and enjoy the show.

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