Leaders Credit Union invested in video. Learn what happened next.

The Volunteer State credit union produces professional video on a budget and shares how any credit union can do so, too.

When Leigh Anne Bentley joined the marketing team at Leaders Credit Union($435.7, Jackson, TN) three years ago, she joined a department that was quickly strengthening its agency credentials.

Before joining Leaders, Bentley and Leaders marketing specialist Janet Wylie had each logged time at local ad agencies bringing their talent and resources with them. Wylie brought with her proficiency in graphic design, photography, and video production. The duo used their experience and expertise to bring creative production — including all video production — in-house at the Volunteer State cooperative.

Today, the credit union’s own marketing department shoots, edits, and otherwise produces all commercials, branding videos, and product tutorials. This internal control has allowed Leaders to better manage its branding standards as well as generate thousands of impressions, comments, and shares in a more economical fashion than outsourcing permits.

In this Q&A, Bentley, the credit union’s chief marketing officer, discusses where video fits into Leaders’ overall marketing plan, the cost and resources required to run in-house production, speed to market, best practices, and more.


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