Leadership matters: Align your ‘rowers’ with your strategy

When any one member of your team goes into a slump, the entire crew goes along

Consider this question: Is everyone on your team rowing in the same direction? On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that all employees know their own and the organization’s highest-priority objectives?

If your confidence is at a 9 or a 10, congratulations. But based on my experience, most CEOs, when speaking candidly, will admit to the nagging feeling they have quite a few out-of-synch rowers on the boat.

Apparently, their insecurity is justified. Aligning the team is a critical CEO responsibility, but this finding from the Corporate Executive Board reveals many of us come up short:

On average, only 21 percent of the workforce is actively aligning their efforts with company goals (i.e., prioritizing work to be more aligned with strategic goals and advocating for those goals). Even among those with significantly high levels of employee engagement, only 40 percent were aligning their efforts with corporate goals.

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