Leadership Matters: How to change your leadership DNA

Seven principles to help you and your credit union flourish

Your leadership is built on DNA that’s the primary driver of your results. What you believe, do and aspire to accomplish are all a part of your leadership DNA. Unlike human DNA, leadership DNA can be changed in ways that transform your results to astound senior leaders, delight members and foster employee growth. That’s not hyperbole, but rather the outcome for those who see leadership as the catalyst for greater performance.

In my new book, 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create a Mindset of Passion, Innovation and Growth, I outline seven principles that are not a paint-by-numbers, off-the-shelf leadership recommendation—but rather represent the process successful credit union leaders use to transform their members experience, their employee engagement and their financial performance.

1. The Purpose Principle. This principle is the jumping-off point for all meaningful leadership. As a leader, if you’re not flourishing, the likelihood of you enabling employees or members to flourish is negligible. Flourishing leaders find one idea, hope, dream or aspiration that grabs hold of them and won’t let go. The aspirations for their work move well beyond the transactional; they fully embrace the transformational, both for their members and their employees.


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