Leadership Matters: Creating an empowering, supportive and inclusive culture within your organization

Fostering an environment of well-being is essential for driving employee engagement and organizational success.

Creating a culture that encompasses empowerment, equity and inclusion isn’t just a nice idea—it’s a must for all financial institutions. At Affinity Federal Credit Union, we’ve long recognized that our greatest asset is our people. It’s clear that fostering a supportive, inclusive environment is essential for driving employee engagement, productivity and overall organizational success. Much like we do for our members, we ensure our employees have access to the resources and assistance they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives, touching all five pillars of well-being: mental, physical, social, financial and community.

Ensuring equity in policies and practices

Equity is a cornerstone of our organizational culture, and it starts with our hiring processes. We continually review our job descriptions to ensure they are free from bias and post positions on a variety of job boards to reach a diverse pool of candidates. To further mitigate unconscious bias in hiring, we are implementing a process to remove identifiable information from resumes, such as names and graduation dates.


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