Leadership Matters: Demystifying change management

Making the effort to connect, collaborate and co-create with your staff on executing strategic direction can foster organization-wide buy-in.

I’m not your typical change management guru. I do not have a background in human resources or organizational development. I accidentally stumbled into the world of change leadership shortly after receiving my accounting designation. Since 2011, I have had the incredible opportunity to lead a variety of complex organizational change initiatives. But I didn’t receive formal change management training or earn my CCMP designation until very recently. In fact, I didn’t even realize formal change management existed.

This matters because it means I still approach change management from the same perspective as everyone else in the organization.

So what is change management? Here are two formal definitions.

  1. Change leaders at Prosci, a firm that offers change management training, certification and consulting services, tell us that that “while change is about moving to a future state, change management is about supporting individual employees impacted by the change during their transitions—from their current state to their future state.”


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