Leadership Matters: Making vision a reality

Follow this process to inspire your credit union team to turn strategic vision into innovation and action.

I’m going to give you a system that allows you to achieve your greatest visions.

I’ve uncovered this process by using it: In 2015, I founded an innovative addiction treatment center for the poor and homeless, which is now winning national awards. And in 2016, I co-founded Frist Cressey Ventures, which has become highly successful in just five years. The credit goes to this process, not to me.

Greatness begins with a vision—a vision that excites you, that you would be proud to achieve with your team. A vision should contain virtue in helping members and improving their lives.

This vision travels to realization through a virtuous cycle. It starts with a mission, which I see as a tangible description of a vision’s goals, a statement of specific accomplishments to be achieved. Vision adds spirit and wonder to the specific goals in the mission. A vision develops great energy from people’s thrill at the potential to improve members’ lives—envisioning the positive outcomes and possibilities creates energy and excitement among your team members.


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