Leadership Matters: Stirring up the C-suite and apple pie candles

Sharing stories can inspire buy-in from the board and fellow leaders—and reignite your own passion for transforming member service.

You know the importance of member service. After all, credit unions exist to serve members, not shareholders. And you know how complicated it has gotten to acquire, serve and retain members due to digitization, cybersecurity threats and shifting demographic shifts—oh, and a little thing called COVID-19.

So what does it take to offer world-class member service when the world is turned upside down? It might take an $18.95 apple pie-scented candle.

Let me explain.

My company specializes in helping our partner organizations fuel their disruption efforts and empower them to find big, bold solutions to their biggest, hairiest problems. We do this through research and life-centered design. A lot of that work comes together at in-person or virtual design sprints where we guide our partners to dive deeply into their customer and employee experience by interacting with personas and journey maps that our team has created.


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