Leadership under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic

When the not-knowing gets stressful, good leaders respond with action based on best practices.

Psychologists have studied people’s responses to the kinds of pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic is producing. These three research-based ideas about how to handle this pressure are mission critical for leaders in the present moment:

  1. Not knowing is more stressful than knowing.
  2. Discipline is your best friend.
  3. Take action in times of uncertainty by remembering that you can swim.

What Happens to You Under Pressure (Stress)

COVID-19 is applying pressure to us from all angles: business model disruption, home life, and even how we get our food. By understanding what happens to animals under pressure, we can see ourselves and others from a new perspective that gives us access to new options for how to respond in these times.


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