Leagues sound call for regulatory relief in local media

Credit union leaders continue to highlight the movement’s pro-consumer attributes in the pages of local publications, most recently in Massachusetts, Michigan and Florida. The pieces reinforce the work of CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation, a bipartisan, pro-consumer campaign to achieve regulatory relief through legislative and regulatory advocacy.

In MassLive, Cooperative Credit Union Association President/CEO Paul Gentile responded to bankers’ criticism of credit union growth. Gentile points out that consumers, even bank customers, benefit from the credit union presence in the marketplace.

“Do consumers want to live in a financial world where their only option is a bank? Massachusetts credit unions are a terrific option for consumers and small businesses to consider and rather than the Massachusetts Bankers Association railing against ‘unchecked’ credit union growth, they should focus on serving their customers,” Gentile wrote. “Credit unions do not want to put banks out of business. We believe in a strong banking system and also a strong credit union system.


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