Learning from John Glenn, an American Hero

 “When the new becomes commonplace, people become accustomed to it.”

We’ve all had that experience where we are so used to doing something a certain way that it becomes mindless. We may not even consider that there is a more efficient, more engaged way of checking something off our list. In today’s digital world, there’s no shortage of new technology that can help you accomplish the tasks you need to do and make a stronger, more meaningful impact on the community you serve. Do something different, stand out, establish yourself as industry leader.

“I would do everything I could to keep life from being boring”

“Banking is boring” is a quote I’ve heard repeated over and over again. When asked what you do for a living, few have probably responded by saying how exciting that sounds. You have the power to change that narrative. Consumers now have endless choices of where to put their money, why should they choose you? Let your creativity show; you’ll have more fun and earn more loyalty in the process.

“I don’t know whether I am one or not … but if we can help encourage some of the young people of today in … their education and technical matters also, it’s well worth the effort.”

Young people are our future. If we work together we can play a key roll in a strong, educated and financially healthy consumer. Sharing our financial knowledge will help build lasting relationships with our future consumers.

“Godspeed John Glenn”

Robbie Young

Robbie Young

Robbie is the Associate Publisher at CUInsight.com. As Associate Publisher, Robbie works with professionals throughout the credit union industry to find new and innovative ways to spread their message ... Web: www.cuinsight.com Details

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