‘Learning Loop’ powers progress

How Partners FCU leaders guide their teams to success.

Business organizations can advance more productively toward achieving their missions by acting on five questions that make up a “learning loop,” suggests a new book by Partners Federal Credit Union CEO John Janclaes, a CUES member.

In Doing What Matters: How Leaders Help Individuals and Organizations Thrive, Janclaes describes a recursive process in which business leaders guide their teams to consider:

  • What is going on? The team assesses current performance with both inside-out and outside-in views informed by qualitative and quantitative data.
  • What really matters? To answer this question, focus on customer orientation, identifying stakeholders’ needs and examining the organization’s economic engines, or what drives financial performance.
  • What are our options? By casting a wide net for ideas and staying open-minded about all available possibilities, the team is more likely to find the most effective solutions to optimize organizational potential.


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