Lessons from a satisfied credit union

Consumers CU scores very high in three areas on its employee satisfaction and engagement surveys

The reasons vary for why credit unions choose to do employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. Some use the results as a “checkup” of sorts, to make sure their credit union is still thriving and healthy. Other credit unions, perhaps sensing real issues, use the findings to pinpoint potential problems so corrections can be made.

At People Perspectives, we have been tracking our credit union clients’ employee satisfaction and engagement averages for several years. This year, inspired by our outstanding clients, we decided to recognize those credit unions that have done exceedingly well. $650 million/69,000-member Consumers Credit Union, with 240 employees in Kalamazoo, Mich., was named our first Distinguished Credit Union of the Year and for good reason. In its employee engagement and satisfaction survey, Consumers CU had especially high averages on three survey dimensions: organizational satisfaction, salary and benefits satisfaction, and department satisfaction.

Here are nine best practice suggestions from the credit union:

1. Trust and empower your employees.  Consumers CU allows all employees to make decisions in their roles without fear. For example, a teller or call center rep has full authority to reverse fees and credit transactions if they think it is the right thing to do. When poor decisions are made, the credit union uses coaching to help them understand why vs. punishing or chastising them.

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