Leverage strategic giving: A natural fit for credit unions

A charitable donation account can provide a win-win-win scenario.

Community giving is a part of our credit union heritage. It’s who we are, and the people we serve look to us to do the right thing. A survey completed by Markstein/Certus Insights in 2019 recaps this sentiment as 70% of consumers reported they expect companies they do business with to support social and environmental issues.

Is your credit union leveraging opportunities to actively support your commitment to the community, while broadening the base of investments supporting your executive benefits program?

If not, now is a good time to learn more. The extended pandemic, social unrest and turbulent times have shed light on critical gaps that call for more community support than ever.

Economic realities for credit unions are additionally calling for action. The past year has brought declines in lending and fee income, an environment with interest rates and investment returns at an all-time low, matched with high deposits and rising liquidity. Directing funds to a charitable cause can assist with the management of excess liquidity for credit unions in a way that supports community development and motivates credit union staff, leadership and board members.


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