Leverage vendors to execute on strategy in 2017

Strong credit union and supplier relationships is important for success and growth

The New Year is here, and your credit union’s strategic plan is in place. Now it’s time to execute in an environment that offers never-before-seen challenges. One element of that execution will include managing vendor relationships.

“Every year no matter how hard we work and how well we do, we always face an industry that’s going to force us to up our game and get better and get stronger,” said Steve Williams, principal at CUES Supplier member and strategic partner Cornerstone Advisors, Scottsdale, Ariz.

“Radical uncertainty” is what Williams saw coming for the financial industry when he spoke to CUES members in the webinar “Results-Based Strategic Planning.”

“We’re in a macro economic environment that’s never been navigated before,” Williams said. “In the history of central banking, the hundred years of the Federal Reserve, we’ve never had this type of economic environment. And we are approximately seven years and three months since our last recession ended; our next five-year planning cycle of planning probably includes a recession of some type.”

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