Leveraging mobile banking apps for two-way customer communication

Banking providers need to deliver a more customer-centric, convenient and streamlined user experience. Here's how real time communications can revolutionize the way banks and credit unions interact with consumers

Juniper Research predicts that by 2017, there will be a billion mobile banking customersaround the world. 40% of these will still take the time to get on the phone or visit their bank’s physical branches for certain inquiries. And according to research from KPMG,more than half of global banking consumers express a real desire for combined social, personalized and “human” interactions to be integrated into a bank’s online services and mobile apps.

The world is only getting smaller and the momentum of “connected networks” and “sharing economies” is increasing. With the rise of face-to-face communication tools such as WhatsApp and Facetime, it’s clear consumers expect similar experiences from their banking providers.

Banks and credit unions are forced to rethink their current offerings to evolve the way they handle customer interactions, and build  relationships through platforms that provide on-demand services without compromising usability or security. Luckily, advances in communication technology afford some appealing options to provide customer-centric user experiences via their mobile apps and online services.

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