Leveraging self-service technology with an eye on the future

Today’s consumer expects speedy, seamless digital experiences at every turn. And tomorrow’s consumer will expect even more. To serve members, credit unions need to invest in the right self-service platforms and strategies to cater to a breadth of requirements now and in the future.

ATMs have been around for decades, so members are very accustomed to banking through self-service channels,” said Nathan Rogers, Senior Manager of Product Marketing for CO-OP Financial Services. “What’s happening today is that the technology is quickly evolving to both enhance the member experience and fit in tighter in-branch spaces with a much smaller footprint.”

The Impact of Mobile

While ATMs and kiosks continue to serve as the primary self-service platforms in the branch, new, emerging technologies are guiding the direction of this technology. According to Rogers, the most important technology impacting self-service banking today is mobile.

“Mobile is in everyone’s hands now,” he said. “People expect to do things at the speed of their mobile devices, and this has implications for the way members perceive technology in the branch.”

As new mobile technologies such as Apple Pay and other digital wallets gain mainstream acceptance, Rogers expects self-service platforms to advance along with them.


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