Life in the cloud

People are starting to race to the cloud, says Google’s cloud architect.

The nature of the way we live and work is changing dramatically because of cloud technology, says Loren Hudziak, Google’s cloud architect.

“This is no longer a buzzword,” Hudziak tells 2017 CSCU Solutions Conference attendees. “We are seeing a huge uptick in the number of people racing to the cloud.”

The reasons, he says, are obvious: cost savings, digital efficiencies, and improved security.

For those who question whether thhe cloud is more secure, Hudziak says the FBI, State Department, and Target all had on-premise systems when they were breached in recent years.

Hudziak offers four insights for credit union leaders about the growing role of cloud technology and associated trends:

• Mobile payments are becoming part of our lives. Payments watchers have spent a lot of time talking about the low use of Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other digital  wallets, but they forget about transactions through Uber, Paypal, and so on.


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