List of marketing terms that credit unions need to know

We all remember those vocabulary tests that we had to take in school. We’d study a list of words all week long, and then on test day, we‘d sit at our desks and wrack our brains trying to remember what “fortuitous” meant. (Honestly, we’re still not quite sure.) Even after school, the learning never really stops. We’ve compiled a list of marketing terms that we think are important to know, and we promise there’s not a test at the end.

  • Beta site: “Beta” is a term meaning “final, public testing;” the beta site is used for testing and is not meant to replace the existing site just yet; once the beta testing is complete, the new website or website changes can go live
  • Brand guidelines: An outline that contains approved logo variations and uses, brand colors, a secondary color pallet, fonts, overall tone, printing instructions and web-specific instructions; typically used by outside vendors
  • Call to Action: A link, line of text, button or image that encourages a consumer to take action; example: “Subscribe Now” or “Call Today”
  • Comp: An example of the proposed design showing the positions of text and art
  • Concept: The general notion or idea of a project
  • Content: A piece of online information that is shared in hopes of it being digested, engaged with or shared by consumers
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