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This week members of the Circle, Montana community came together to celebrate a woman who spent more than 30 years going above and beyond duties and obligations that of manager of the local credit union. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Deanna Brost, manager of the McCone County FCU, knew nearly all of the small town’s 600 residents. And, just because she’s turning the page to start the chapter life called retirement, it’s unlikely she’ll be any less committed.

Brost is the epitome of the credit union’s philosophy of people of people. She’s served numerous roles on state and national committees while maintaining a deep commitment to the town she calls home. She works tirelessly to make positive impacts and is well-known by neighbors as a powerhouse. In recent years, she has been involved in the McCone 100 Club to construct a new fire hall and with the Chamber of Commerce’s efforts to bring a new hotel.

She is an advocate for the county’s aging population. She’s been involved in creating elder abuse awareness, delivers food and gifts during the holidays, and is known to load up her car with passengers and head to concerts and theater performances in neighboring towns and states.

Earlier this year, Brost was named the 2014 Credit Union Professional of the Year from the Montana Credit Union Network. The well-deserved honor recognized her dedication to serving others personally and professionally. Her colleagues say she embodies the credit union spirit by her commitment to help others build assets.

This remarkable woman is someone we should all aspire to be like. She humbly went about her days putting others first without asking for anything in return. She was never motivated by big pay checks or big accolades, but rather the pride of seeing somebody else’s life improve.

Those who know her often say she always has a smile, a kind word, and is the one most likely to remember those that others forget. They say she always takes the high road and that doing good is just part of who she is. Her legacy at the credit union of putting people first is exactly what the founding fathers expected of credit union leaders and is a true example of what professionalism means.

Alana Listoe

Alana Listoe

Alana Listoe is an award-winning journalist who joined the Montana Credit Union Network to help spread the good word about the credit union movement. She has been a credit union ... Web: Details

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