Looking for a leader

We’re all familiar with the saying it’s the small things that matter. Here’s how that leadership principle applies at your credit union or community bank.

Last weekend, I visited some friends out-of-state for a golf outing and some good friendly catching-up. My return flight home included a connecting flight at a major airport hub.

The airport where I live is small. There are no jumbo jets arriving or departing; only the small two-seater jets. Overhead space for bags is limited on these jets, but I travel light (backpack and rolling carry-on). Because of the limited space, I get my carry-on checked at the gate when I board, and it joins the rest of the luggage under the plane for pickup at final destination. I hold my backpack.

Always put accuracy before speed.

It’s Sunday night. Boarding for my return flight begins about 9:30p. Sticking to my system, I check my carry-on at the gate and keep my backpack with me.


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