A loyalty program for good times and bad

PSCU prides itself on its loyalty program for Member-Owner credit unionsHowever, in the wake of recent natural disasters — specifically, Hurricane Maria and earthquakes in Mexico — program administrators used the Credit Union Service Organization’s credit card loyalty program to demonstrate the personal connection between credit unions and their members that distinguishes PSCU from other financial services providers.

PSCU’s credit card program offers a number of reward-redemption options for cardholders. For those enrolled in PSCU’s CURewards®, one of the most popular choices is applying points from purchases to travel expenses, including flights, hotel rooms and car rentals. PSCU has partnered with Montrose Travel for more than 20 years to administer this aspect of CURewards. As reports about devastating storms and earthquakes began to make headlines, Montrose Travel and PSCU began to realize that some of their credit union members might need “above and beyond” assistance.

After carefully searching its database for travelers already in the affected areas, or for those planning a visit in the near future, Montrose Travel proactively contacted those credit card holders to make sure they were safe, that they had a way to navigate potential difficulties and that they were able to get home. This was quite a task to carry out given there are 3.5 million accounts from 338 credit unions participating in the CURewards program alone.

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