How to make the most of your credit union’s community events

A community event is a key opportunity to fundraise or even push a new product or service. Right? Wrong. Well, kind of wrong. Events at your credit union may not come around very often, so when you do have one, take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about your community, your members and the organization as a whole. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Be Personal

At an event, you’re in a perfect position to talk to people. Focus on getting to know your event attendees on a personal level. It’s often difficult to connect with people online, but that can easily be done in person. Ask them about their day. How’s their family doing? Do they have any fun summer plans this year? People are busy, and your members are no exception. Take advantage of that face time while you have them in the room with you.

Be Receptive

Even if the event is all about fun, it’s OK to casually talk a little business, too. When conversing with people, ask them for feedback about your credit union. Do they follow you on social media? What do they think about your online banking? Is there anything that can be improved? By asking these questions and others like it, it not only shows how much you care about your members’ experience, it also puts you in a great position to improve your credit union’s future.

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