How to make your credit union’s site navigation completely intuitive

Have you ever been lost? Maybe you left Google Maps behind for a day. Maybe you were in a foreign country. Being lost, even for just a few minutes, is unsettling. You start to second guess yourself. If you’re lost long enough, you’d give anything for a good set of directions.

When you design the navigation for your credit union website, you are giving your users directions. Give them great directions, and they will quickly find the accounts and loans they want. Give them bad directions, and they may end up driving into a metaphorical lake.

Being lost is not a feeling that you want to evoke when visitors come to your website. If they can’t find what they want, they will leave. Your site’s navigation should be intuitive for as many users as possible. Just because a certain type of organization makes sense to you or your fellow credit union employees, doesn’t mean it makes sense to everyone. What’s the best way to simplify and improve your navigation? Usability testing. Card sorting and tree testing are two types of usability studies that will level up your navigation and make your users happier.

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