Make it easy: Avoid three common biller missteps

Make it easy, make it simple. That’s the expectation of every consumer making a bill payment online. Yet, even the largest banks and credit unions can make simple missteps that add needless frustration to the bill pay experience and drive down customer satisfaction and adoption. Is your financial institution making any of these missteps?

Misstep One: The Button

It’s time to make a loan payment, I’m on a financial institution’s website and I’ve got my checkbook or debit card out. But where is the “make a loan payment” button? Nowhere.

I just want to pay my car loan!

This shouldn’t be so difficult. In the rush to provide an appealing website, complete with eye-catching images and sophisticated ads, don’t miss the payment button. If customers can’t find it easily, you’ll frustrate them, drive down adoption of digital payments and increase the number of paper checks you process.

Misstep Two: We Don’t Offer That

Intrigued by a fancy splash page outlining the great value propositions of my bank’s latest product, I decided to use the online chat box to learn more. As I began to ask the agent questions, I was told, “I’m sorry we don’t offer anything like that.” I replied, “Yes you do. I’m looking at it on your website.” Frustrated, I finally called the bank and was greeted by a very knowledgeable customer service representative who answered all of my questions.

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